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We are a University of Cambridge spin-out, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. Our team is committed to solving the problems which arise from the complexity of human languages: from analyzing trillion-word texts for enterprises to improving language skills for individuals.

We are not a big team, at least not yet, but we want to deliver automated proofreading service differently:

1. Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies

Not all the NLP technologies are the same.Our tool is not based on outdated, pre-determined and pre-set grammar rules. Therefore, unlike other checkers, we do not have to advertise the number of error types we can support.

2. Providing outstanding service for free.

Frankly speaking, no grammar checker on the market previously is worth your money. If they are not good enough for us (that is why we wanted to develop a new checker in the first place), then why are they good enough for anybody else?

3. Updating our tools on a regular basis

Following our uncontrollable passion for self-improvement, we have a fixed schedule (every 6 weeks) for update release. We believe using this agile development approach is the only way to accommodate your suggestions and ideas. It is beyond our imagination that some grammar checkers only update once or twice a year.
Our flagship product, 1Checker, brings a full range of readability enhancements. 1Checker not only helps to proof-read your writing in terms of spelling, grammar and style, but also provides friendly auxiliary features (e.g. vocabulary enrichment, dictionary, translation) to improve your writing quality.

Just give it a try. You will easily find 1Checker’s superiority over all other checkers (including all the commercial ones, of course).

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